About us

Georgia is one of the main regions specializing in viniculture. The unique geographical location of the country and its excellent soil and climatic conditions create ideal environment for the development of viniculture to receive high quality wines unique by its original flavor and taste.

Today, more than 500 different types of grapes are preserved in Georgia; the existing ancient winemaking technology, which is distinctive from the modern winemaking, is becoming a prevalent focus of study amongst the leading winemakers.

Company Vinifera’s owned vineyard estate is located in the central part of Georgia, in the area called, Mukhrani. Company works closely with the leading European and Georgian table grape producers, taking into the account the modern requirements and needs of the consumer, offering a dozen different varieties of table grapes.

The assortments of white and red table grapes grown on the estate of Vinefera include: Cardinal, Crimson Seedless, Victoria, Alfonso Lavalle, Muscat Hamburg, Michel Palieri, Datieri, Italia, Creemson Seedless and Red Globe, etc.

At the current time, company Vinifera supplies its products to the leading retail chains in Georgia, such are Goodwill, Carrefour, Smart, Spar, and also works closely with the HORECA network.

Company Vinifera established contracts with the leading producing industries, on basis of which some assortments of grapes from the Vinifera vineyards are used to produce variety of products. Particular attention has been made to produce natural product, without adding any preservatives, colouring and extra flavouring to produce a product preserving its natural taste and appeal.

The products made using Vinifera table grapes include: black and white raisins, assortment of different preserves and jams. These products are distributed throughout Georgia as well as in the EU countries and USA.

In addition, the assortments of Vinifera’s table grapes were provided to the winery LTD Axalsheni 2008 to produce red dry wine called Muscat Saperavi. The unique blend of Vinifera’s European assortment of table grapes, in combination with the Georgian grape, produced and added an exceptional bouquet of flavours to the Vinifera wine.

Next year, company Vinifera plans to expand their production and produce white wine grape using Pino grape.