Vinifera Qvevri

Qvevri (Amphora) wine, this unfiltered amber colored wine is made in QVEVRI from the Rkatsiteli grape variety. Overshadowed by a high tannin content. prefer to drink from large glasses so it s better to feel the complex aroma, blends perfectly with meat and fish, harest of 2015, 3 years aged in qvevri, alcohol 13%

Vinifera Shirah

Rose wine is a universal wine. bright pink orange whitewash. fruit and citrus aromas with a long lasting aftertaste. Made by separating the winery Pino-Noir and Shiraz. rose is suitable for pienies. partis and social events. you can make delicious cocttails. an excellent option for a gift. Vintage 2017.alcohol 12%

Vinifera Pirosmani

Pirosmani red semi-dry wine. deep dark in color with a bolted bouquet of black currant. the peculiarity of its wine in natural sweetness. Fortress 10.5-12.5 degrees. let go chilled in shape. Pirosmani is named after the Georgian artist Niko Pirosmanishvili. recognition came to him after his death. The wine goes well with meat dishes and desserts.

Vinifera Kindzmarauli

Kindzmarauli wine is a semi-sweet mono high quality wine made from Saperavi grapes. the color of overripe cherries and pomegranates. has a gentle full velvety taste. It is one of the brightest and most famous representatives of red Georgian wines. Perfectly approaches meat. also it is possible to eat with fruit. The optimum temperature for serving wine is 16-18 degrees.

Saperavi Muskat

Saperavi wine (Saperavi Muscat) is considered one of the most famous and common wines. The color is very intense. In the process of aging Saperavi wine. the strayth of the bouguet grows and develops. Saperavi grape variety is part of the bland of many Georgian wines. Pue to the large number of tannins. the wine can keep its quality for more then fifty yars. It is drunk at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. it is ideal for meat dishes. It is very useful for human organism. it has healing effects.improves lipid metabolism.


It is an ancient Georgian grape variety and the main winemaking variety. The value of the variety is the presence of a large number of itanine pigments. Saperavi wines have great aging potential. It is advisable to use grape for making blended wines.


PINO BURGUNDY bred in France. they are used to make still and sparling wines. It is unique not only in flavor but also in need of special care. Wines include aroma of almonds with notes of special. this variety is a real canvas for the creativity of the winemaker.


Shiraz is a dark grape variety. In Australia and USA they call Shiraz. and in Europe Syrah (Sirac) This is a popular Franch grape. thanks to its uniqueness. it is used to make a varitety of wines. they can beat dry. fortified and sparkling


Chinebuli (Chinuri) is the best and famous Kartle wine variety. Chinebuli in translation is magnificent . used to make high-quality white wines. golden color with the aroma of spring flowering honey. apricot.

Muskat Hamburg

Muscat Hamburg or Black Muscat is a black-skinned grape variety, an universal grape of medium time of maturity. The berry of this grape is large, round and oval. The flesh is fresh and juicy. The clusters are large, oval and dark blue. The taste of this grape is fine with Muscat flavour. This type of grape is used for wine productions, as well for canning products (fruit drinks, juices, jams, pickles) from the berry of the class, characterized by high taste qualities.

Italia muskat

This is fairly popular Italian seeded white grape, matures in late time of the ripening period. Bunches of the grape are large and conical-pyramidal in size. Berries are large to very large, of golden yellow or yellow–amber colours. The skin is of medium thickness and compactness. The flesh is crisp and juicy and it has a pleasant sweet Muscat Flavour. This grape is also used for the jams and marinades production.

Alfons Lavale

French grape matures in the mid-ripening period. The grape has beautiful appearance and homogeneous colour. Berries are large and rounded with a thick skin. The flesh is juicy, slightly flavoured with leather herbaceous aroma.